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Starting from 50 years ago, as the small retail shop
Britestone is trying to provide with the
competitive company with high-skill
solution, and trying to meet the service
which market requires to us.

we celebrated our 50th year anniversary in 2013.
We are recognized in Korea with the longest presence and
we are top distributor with strong partnerships with Korean customers.
Our affiliate companies include
IBEX Logitech(Logistics), InTech&Company(Computing).
We have offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Nanjing,
Singapore, Thailand and additional network of business people in other locations.
In each of these locations we are able to support customers with
supply chain solutions,
from our network of warehouses and extensive vendor sources.

Benefits to customers in Asia Pacific

  • We offer Korean technical
    engineering solutions to
    customers in Asia Pacific
  • We have supply chain solutions to
    ensure that demand creation done
    in Korea is captured when mass
    production in HK/China,
    ASEAN and other locations
  • We are a specialized distributor focusing
    with local customers through-out Asia Pacific,
    helping them with supply chain solutions,
    sourcing “hard to find” products,
    providing flexibility and financial support.